Dear Taco Scientist: Family just doesn’t understand

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Dear Taco Scientist,
My Taco Cleanse is going great. After just a few days I noticed that my eyes were clearer and my heart felt lighter in my chest. I feel like colors are more brilliant and I laugh a lot more, especially after taking my supplements.

I’m writing to you because, even though I’m seeing so many benefits, my family just doesn’t understand my choices. My mother, especially, acts like if I don’t eat some dumplingsĀ I’m going to waste away. My father has tried to ban tortillas from family meals. I’ve had to resort to sneaking salsa in using my hip flask. How can I make them understand?

Help Please!

Frustrated and Hungry

Dear Frustrated,
Families are tough. Mine are immigrants to the US, and I can tell you, for a long time I thought it was easier to just avoid the subject of food altogether rather than get into the specifics of my taco-based diet. But, eventually, they had to learn that eating tacos all the time is just a huge part of who I am.

As time went on they have really come around. Just recently my brother-in-law enjoyed a vegan taco from a local truck here in Austin, and, believe me when I tell you, I never thought I’d see that day come.

Have you tried to cook them an amazing dinner to show them how filling tacos can be? If they are super traditional like my grandparents, they won’t even try it, and if that’s the case, you are just going to have to win them over with persistence and time. Remember that you weren’t born eating tacos all the time either, it’s something you had to learn about and come to on your own. Eventually they will see that Taco Cleansing isn’t just a phase, it’s a way to a better life!

Good luck!


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