2 Mind Blowing Taco Hacks for Perfect Potatoes


Fried potatoes are an excellent option in most taco situations. However, they are notoriously time consuming. Today, we’ll look at two ways to speed up your cooking time and maximize crispiness.

A common suggestion to ensure that diced potatoes are fully cooked is to parboil before frying. Patience is not a virtue in the Taco Cleanse realm, so we’d rather not wait for water to boil if we can avoid it. A faster method is to put your diced potatoes in a bowl with a splash of water, cover with plastic wrap or a silicone lid, and microwave for five minutes. Your potatoes should be fork-tender and ready for the pan. Russet, new, and Yukon Gold potatoes all work well. Heat a couple tablespoons of vegetable oil on medium-high heat before introducing the potatoes to the pan.

2 Mind Blowing Taco Hacks for Perfect Potatoes

We want the crispy sides that develop to remain on the potatoes and not attach to the pan. If you are using a cast iron skillet (which you should be), we suggest procuring a thin metal spatula for this purpose. Occasionally flip the potatoes over the course of the next few minutes with your shiny new spatula. Your potatoes will brown evenly, and the crunchy bits will remain intact. Wooden spatulas and other blunt implements tend to break up soft ingredients and leave the precious Maillard reactions stuck to the pan. Salt to taste and add to taco while still warm.

2 Mind Blowing Taco Hacks for Perfect Potatoes


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