Let Tacos Be Thy Medicine.


hot sauce

‘Let tacos be thy medicine and medicine be thy tacos.’

– Hipptacorates

I started coming down with a cold this past winter. Something had been going around for weeks at work, and I was the last one to get it. Sneezing, runny nose, cough, head congestion… it came on like a ton of bricks. But then I remembered the Hipptacocratic Oath, “First, eat a taco.”

And so I did. The first taco didn’t have much flavor, or I couldn’t taste it very well, due to my illness. I drank plenty of fluids (margaritas), and then tried another taco. I found it much more appetizing. I could taste the healing powers of that taco, and found my levels beginning to increase exponentially. Suddenly my cold symptoms began to disappear. I could breathe normally again.

Now, I’m not saying that eating tacos is a miracle cure for every ailment… but if you find yourself coming down with an illness, it certainly couldn’t hurt to try it.


One Taco You Don’t Want… The Bicycle Taco.



Wheel Taco

Credit: http://blog.bikeridr.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/WheelTaco.jpg

If you’ve ever crashed your bicycle and bent your front wheel so badly that it can’t be ridden, you know about the bicycle “taco”. This is such a frustrating experience, and clearly a negative thing, so why is it named after such a positive food item? Yes, the shape of the wheel is bent in such a way that it resembles a folded tortilla or crunchy corn shell. But it seems like a shame to use such a beautiful word for such a sad sight.

But maybe referring to the wheel as “Tacoed” isn’t a negative thing at all…

According to Bike Boo Boos, “A wheel in this condition will never be the same again. Even when it’s fixed, the wheel may prefer this new shape and “pop” back into the tacoed condition at any time.”

It appears that after trying a taco for the first time, even a bicycle wheel will prefer to be tacoed for the rest of it’s life. That’s news to us Taco Scientists. We previously believed that only humans and some non-human animals preferred tacos. There will need to be new scientific studies on the taco preferences of two-wheeled vehicles before we can make recommendations on whether or not one should taco a wheel on purpose. So for the mean time, do not try this at home.