Taco Cleanse Authors at BookPeople TONIGHT



The best selling “cleanse” book of 2015, THE TACO CLEANSE, is having release party this Monday, December 7th at Book People on 6th and Lamar. Come and get your book signed while playing Taco Trivia, taking pictures with a DOG in taco costume, and get your book signed by REAL TACO SCIENTISTS! We will be answering all of your questions and giving away tons of prizes. You can buy a case of books and BOOM just like that your Christmas shopping is done. The Taco Cleanse is approved for all stages of life and an acceptable part of any diet plan!


Taco or Not a Taco


Taco novices often have a hard time distinguishing a taco from the many other tortilla-wrapped taco-like-objects in the world. Take this quiz to see if you can spot the taco.

Hint: In the Taco Cleanse, a taco has exactly one fold.

taco or not a tacoTo read answers highlight the text below.

a. NOT A TACO. They’re flautas, which some refer to as rolled tacos. But it’s not a true taco according to Taco Cleanse rules.

b. TACO. It’s jackfruit brisket, and the recipe will be in the Taco Cleanse book.

c. NOT A TACO. Those are delicious Bomb Nachos from the Vegan Nom in Austin, TX.

d. NOT A TACO. That’s a taco salad. Again, despite the confusing name, it is not a true taco. It is, however, an excellent way to transition into or out of a Taco Cleanse.

e. TACO. A tofu-fish taco, to be exact. Find the recipe in our book.

f. NOT A TACO. These are enchiladas.

g. TACO. The lack of traditional tortilla may be confusing for some, but the ice cream taco is indeed a true taco.

h. NOT A TACO. You animal. That’s a burrito.

i. TACO. That’s the Westagram taco, of course.