How to Fancy Up your Guacamole


In the Taco Cleanse book we have a very simple recipe for Guacamole that you put on tacos. But when you are serving this amazing avocado concoction as a dip alongside your tacos it’s fun to add a little something extra. Above I just scattered some toasted salted pepitas for some extra crunch but there are dozens of ways you can make your guacamole a little more fancy.

A restaurant here in Austin called La Condesa has a guacamole sampler and my favorite drizzles pomegranate molasses on the guac along with some pomegranate arils. It’s tasty and beautiful. They also do another version with chopped apples.

Another spot, a trailer called Guac and Roll has an ever- changing assortment of toppings one called Guac and Awe tops their dip with grape tomatoes, red onions, jalapenos, cilantro, crumbled plantain chips and dried edamame seeds. Another has shredded coconut, toasted macadamia nuts and currants.

Rick Bayless has a version with sundried tomatoes and he has another recipe where he recommends roasted garlic among other things.

Jason Wyrick’s cookbook, Vegan Tacos, has a recipe for Guacamole with roasted poblanos that you can find here on an An Unrefined Vegan.

Or there’s always peas.

Just remember, if you are having a party make more than you think you will need ’cause you can NEVER have too much guacamole.


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