13 Kinds of Taco You Should Eat Before You’re 37*

Migas taco

Mighty Migas from The Taco Cleanse. Photo by Lazy Smurf.

1. Migas. The Best of Breakfast tacos.
2. A fish-style taco a la California. Use cabbage, not lettuce, if you know what’s what.
3. Something traditional with a slow cooked, tender filling supplemented only by chopped white onion and cilantro. We like the Soy Curl al Pastor in The Taco Cleanse.
4. A really late night bean taco from Taco Bell eaten while sleepy and possibly a bit tipsy. Be generous with the hot sauce.
5. A taco where the only ingredient is the best refried beans you’ve ever had in your life. Maybe some potato, but the focus should be on the beans.
6. A fusion food taco. Whether it’s Korean, Italian, or Middle Eastern, share the loving embrace of a tortilla with another cuisine.

Westagram Taco

‘Westagram” taco with BBQ Seitan, Mac ‘n’ cheese, and kale from vidavegancon.com

7. A barbecue taco complete with with your favorite regional barbecue sauce. Like our Barbecue Brisket and Mac ‘n’ Cheese taco.
8. A Chaco taco. Or a “chaco taco.” We’re not picky about brands here. Just make sure there’s ice cream involved.
9. Huitlacoche. Really. Don’t be put off by the alternate names.
10. School cafeteria-style hard shell taco. This is the one place we’ll sanction the use of that sad shredded iceberg lettuce.
11. A waffle taco. Taco Bell didn’t invent these. Fold that waffle around your favorite breakfast ingredients and remember why you love breakfast again.

Puffy tacos

Puffy tacos from El Chile in Austin.

12. A puffy taco. If you’ve never had one of these, imagine a taco made with a savory sopapilla instead of a tortilla. Or just imagine the difference between baked french fries and oil-fried french fries and apply that to a corn tortilla.
13. Whatever you want because at 37 you’re a grown ass adult, and people should stop telling you what to eat.

*Nothing much happens at 37. We just like prime numbers.


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