8 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Tacos


After dedicating your life to tacos, you will surely want to start incorporating tacos into your home decor. To help jump-start your Pinterest dreams, here’s a list of some of our favorites:

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1. Photo Printed Taco Pillow measures approximately 20″ wide x 12″ high and is “super comfortable and squishy” since it’s filled with microbeads, despite it’s “crunchy” tortilla appearance.


2. Available in 3 sizes, this woven polyester Taco Pizza Burger Throw Rug showcases your love for tacos, but without alienating your burger and pizza eating friends. The Taco Cleanse isn’t about exclusion, it’s about eating tacos.

3. Will you be my Taco Friend? Of course! The Taco Friend Throw Pillow livens up any decor, and is available for indoor or outdoor use. Who would say no to tacos?


4. It’s your favorite song to sing at karaoke, and now you can hang it as artwork in your house! The Taco Eclipse of the Heart Art Print isn’t meant to remind you about how fragile tortillas can be (especially corn and crunchy corn), but is meant to remind you that The Taco Cleanse isn’t about sadness, it’s about eating tacos.

tacoclock 5.Is it time for a taco? The Taco Tuesday Wall Clock sure thinks it is! Other so-called clocks on the market today merely tell you what time it is, but this clock lets you know that it is perfectly acceptable to eat tacos at any time of the day.


6. Are you currently in a relationship with a burritovore? The Taco vs Burrito Duvet Cover might be the best addition to your bedroom decor! Sometimes, no matter how hard we try to convert our partners to the taco lifestyle, they still insist on eating burritos.

showercurtain 7.Imagine how exhilarating your morning shower will be when you have the Pixel Taco Shower Curtain hanging up in your bathroom. That’s the power of Taco Cleansing. LITERALLY.

8.Moving into the dorms soon? College life won’t be complete without your own Taco Illuminati Wall Tapestry. We aren’t saying there’s a taco conspiracy. But we aren’t NOT saying that either.

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